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1949 Salsbury Model 85 Rocket scooter
 for sale

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1949 Salsbury Model 85 Rocket scooter for sale

Manufactured between 1946 and 1949 with between 700 and 1000 manufactured makes this a very rare scooter.
It has had a down to the last nut and bolt restoration to original condition

Advertised as  "The Salsbury, The Most Completely Automatic Vehicle Ever Built" or ..  Whatever the hype of the day, the Salsbury has proven the test of time and, in today's world, these scooters are highly coveted.
Step-through seating was convenient for women in skirts. Yariable speed automatic drive. The rider simply depresses the automotive style throttle pedal to drive it. It has a locking trunk, headlight and taillight.  and can be fitted with a buddy seat.

The engine is a single cylinder 320 cc developing 6 Hp. Top Speed is 50 plus mph.. It is equipped with a automotive style rear brake.

This motor scooter was restored in 2004-5 driven 26 miles and has been on static display in my heated garage ever since. I have kept it in excellent running condition and its ready for the road or as a display piece.

Asking $16,500